March 25, 2020

Expanding Our Service Offerings: XPEL Vision Home & Business Window Film

We have been certified by XPEL and expanded our service offerings to Home & Business Window films!

As window film and vehicle paint protection film share many similar install techniques and equipment, it only made sense for us to expand our services and offer more to our clients. To do so, we cannot just add information to our website and say we are “good to go.” Our team went to XPEL’s Calgary training facility and received the proper XPEL manufacturer’s theory and install certification.

XPEL offers a wide array of solar and security film solutions to suit any needs, VISION Home & Office Window Film is designed to help reduce heat, lower energy costs, and maintain the comfort & protection you desire. Some of the benefits include:

  • Help Lower Energy Costs
  • Reduce Sun Glare & Hot Spots
  • Increase Privacy Indoors
  • Protect from 99% of Harmful UV A / UV B
  • Increase Comfort Indoors
  • Deter Unauthorized Entry

For more information, please visit our dedicated XPEL Vision Flat Glass Page here, . Below are some photos we took during the training!

*Note: During training, we were using a Dual Reflective film with a low VLT (Visible Light Transmittance), that’s why all the tinted windows are darker.

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