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What Is Paint Protection Film?

In today’s market, paint protection film (PPF), or often referred as “Clear Bra” has become a popular technology that protects painted surfaces of a new or used vehicle.  Many films in the market are thermoplastic urethane and feature a “self-healing” effect which are used to prevent rock chips, bug splatters, tree saps, and most importantly […]

Paint Protection

Expanding Our Service Offerings: XPEL Vision Home & Business Window Film

We have been certified by XPEL and expanded our service offerings to Home & Business Window films! As window film and vehicle paint protection film share many similar install techniques and equipment, it only made sense for us to expand our services and offer more to our clients. To do so, we cannot just add […]


Getting #XPEL Certified!

Early May, we sent two representatives from the SPL team down to XPEL Technologies’ Head Quarters in San Antonio, Texas to  have their techniques certified. There are many places that use XPEL’s Ultimate Self Healing Protective films, but few are certified. SPL figured it was a good investment to have our team certified and to […]

Paint Protection