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ECU Tuning Group is North America’s top vehicle performance software developer. With over 20 years of experience in reading, writing and developing vehicle performance software ETG has developed an international network of physical dealer locations ensuring extraordinary customer service and access to many different vehicle makes and models adding to our ever expanding library of performance software.

Nearly every vehicle on the road comes de-tuned to protect it from careless drivers, neglected maintenance and low quality fuel.

We provide solutions to reach your vehicles maximum power potential with a simple process requiring no physical alterations to the vehicle aside from one of our specially designed pulleys for supercharged applications. Our engineers download a copy of your vehicles unique software and then upload a modified file that will transform the cars performance giving improvements of fuel economy up 10%-15%, removal of the speed limiter and raised rpm resulting in increased in power and most importantly smooth and quick acceleration with no flat spots or hesitation all within a few hours.

Whether you drive a Mini Cooper or a Rolls Royce, our team of engineers and factory contacts guarantees that we will always have software upgrades for the latest models before any tuner in North America allowing the vehicles to perform like the factory engineers intended – leading maximized power and driving pleasure.

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