Accessories & Retrofit

Investing in upgrades for your ICE Vehicle or EV goes beyond aesthetics – it’s about transforming your driving experience. Enhance comfort by upgrading accessories like seats, steering wheels, and sound systems, ensuring each journey is comfortable and enjoyable. Additionally, these enhancements could contribute to increased resale value, making your car more appealing to potential buyers and potentially fetching a higher selling price. Beyond practicality, upgrading accessories allows for personalization, letting you express your unique style and preferences, making your car distinctly yours. Explore the world of car accessories and elevate your driving pleasure with enhanced comfort, increased resale value, and personalized style.

Tesla & EV Accessories

The future is here. Unfortunately with the popularity of EV, there are many look-a-likes out on the road. We provide and install a wide variety of Tesla and EV accessories to help your vehicle differentiate from the others!


  • Lighting (cabin, trunk, frunk, etc.,)
  • Swivel Screen Mounts
  • Driver Screens with Apple CarPlay / Android Auto
  • Rear Entertainment Screen with Climate & Passenger Seat Controls
  • Yoke Steering Wheels
  • plus more!



  • Carbon Fiber / Aero components
    • Partial or Full Aero Kits (front lip, side skirts, rear bumper/diffuser, spoiler, mirror covers)
  • Brake Caliper Covers
  • Braking System Upgrades
  • Mud Flaps
  • Emblems swaps
  • plus more!

CarPlay & Android Screen Retrofit

  • Adapting the latest technology for the everyday driver
  • With an Android screen in your car, you have access to a wide range of apps that can enhance your driving experience. You can use apps for navigation, music streaming, communication, and much more.


Available for Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) or Electric Vehicles (EV).

Ambient Lighting Upgrades

  • Ambient lighting can create a relaxing or upbeat atmosphere depending on the color and brightness of the light. This can help set the mood for a long drive or make the car ride more enjoyable
  • Car ambient lighting can enhance the interior design of a car by creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere. It can provide a subtle, aesthetically pleasing glow that adds to the overall ambiance of the vehicle.
  • Door Puddle Welcome Lights enhances the safety and convenience of entering and exiting a car. The lighting provides an illuminated path for the driver and passengers, making it easier to avoid tripping or stepping in a puddle or other hazard. Additionally, the lighting can serve as a visual cue that the car is ready for entry, providing a welcoming and comfortable experience for the occupants.


Available for Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) or Electric Vehicles (EV).

Dash Camera & Reverse Camera Retrofit

Elevate your road safety with our advanced car dash cameras. We supply and install dashcameras that offer crystal-clear footage, wide-angle lenses, and intelligent sensors for a comprehensive driving experience. Whether you seek enhanced safety, adventure documentation, or peace of mind, our dash cameras are your reliable companion on the road. Drive confidently with technology that keeps you connected and protected.


Available for Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) or Electric Vehicles (EV).

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