May 19, 2020

Smelly AC? We Have The Solution!

Wurth Quick Fresh New Car Scent

Have you ever wondered why your vehicle’s air conditioning (A/C) always has a bad smell when you first start it up?  Has it been bothering you or even prevented you from using the air conditioning at times?  The main reason why your air conditioning system smells is due to mould and mildew built-up in the drain.  Since air conditioners removes moisture from the atmosphere, the buildup of excess water that is not drained completely will cause mildew and fungus to grow.  As time passes, the excess buildup will start to cause an unpleasant odour that feeds back into the cabin of the vehicle when you turn on the A/C initially.  There are products on the market that will help remove the smell and eliminate the mildew and mould in the system.

Wurth Quick-Fresh is a proven product on the market that will get rid of the stubborn stinky smell that is trapped within your vehicle’s AC system.  Quick-Fresh contains a powerful fragrance and an odour counteractant, that together effectively eliminate unpleasant odours at the source by removing mould and mildew.  It can even refresh vehicle interiors that have been exposed to long-term smoke. Available in “New Car Scent” and “Linen Scent

Benefits & Advantage

  • Specially formulated to handle the problems associated with moisture accumulation
  • The powerful fragrance and odour counteractant system does not just cover up offensive odours, but effectively eliminates them at the source
  • Excellent for cars, trucks, RVs, boats, etc
  • Suitable to refreshen smoked-in vehicles, older cars, trucks
  • Ideal for mildew and mould smell removal
  • Pocket size

Speed Projects Laboratory

Looking for some assistance with your vehicle’s A/C odour?  Think no further, at the Lab, we can help you refresh the AC system to restore the same fresh smell as if it was brand new.  The Quick-Fresh comes in two different scent, “New Car Scent” and “Linen Scent”.  For any inquires, give us a shout at 604.370.3218 or fill out our Contact Form.

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