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ECU Tuning Group Vancouver

We provide solutions to reach your vehicles maximum power potential with a simple process requiring no physical alterations to the vehicle aside from one of our specially designed pulleys for supercharged applications. Through ECU Tuning, we can achieve performance giving improvements of fuel economy up 10%-15%, removal of the speed limiter and raised rpm resulting in increased in power and most importantly smooth and quick acceleration with no flat spots or hesitation all within a few hours.

Stage 1 and Stage 2 options available.

Pro Tuning Freaks Vancouver

Performance DME/ECU tuning company that focus on developing the bootmod3 BMW custom tuning platform. We take pride in extracting the highest consistent and reliable power/torque motors we work with can provide.

BMW Coding

At SPL, we pride ourselves on offering the best coding and programming services for BMW, Rolls Royce, Mini Cooper and an every expanding portfolio of vehicles.

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